Paul Martell
Master of Ceremonies, Comedian, Impressionist.


A Wonderful Testimonial from Hon John Brown

How could I ever thank you sufficiently for your appearance at the St Patrick’s Day lunch. All the guests have spoken to me since in rapturous praise of your unbelievable performance.

I was reflecting the other night on the comic artists I have enjoyed over my long life. I well remember Roy Rene (Mo), Buster Noble, George Wallace and of course the lovable Brian Doyle etc. To be honest Paul Martell with your good nature, lack of smut and incredible sense of humour eclipses them all. You gave us last Thursday a performance beyond anybody’s expectation of an Irish comic. Light-hearted, lyrical, very Irish and with realistic tales of life to which most of us can relate. Monsignor Doherty was ecstatic with his praise of you. He said he hasn’t laughed so much since Pell tripped over once.

Paul Martell, the indefatigable man of many poses. The comic, the mimic, the song and dance man who brings joy to every listener no matter what their age, their status or their sense of humour. I can’t thank you enough Paul, you made a memorable occasion for all those who were in attendance. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my black Irish heart.

I have been told by all those in attendance that I must get you back again. Paul Martell, the man who warms the hearts and souls of all those lucky enough to experience your extraordinary talents.

Hon John Brown, AO
18th March 2022

A Wonderful Testimonial from Footy Legend, Kevin Sheedy

On the 26th February 2021 I had a lunchtime booking with an AFL connection for a 70th Birthday Party for 70 guests in a restaurant in Glenelg. Within my show I was also asked to lightly roast the Birthday Boy. After my 50 minute show I was making my way back through the audience to reach the exit where a car was waiting to take me back to the airport. AFL Legend and Super Coach Kevin Sheedy gets to the microphone and says:

"Close the door, stop him from leaving! Gentlemen, as you know the Adelaide Comedy Festival is in its second week with over 35 different comedy acts in town, many of which are well known names from television and comedy festival fame" He continued by rattling off about five or six names then added, "…all of which would have jumped at the chance of doing an extra gig at lunchtime.

Thank God today's organisers flew Martell into Adelaide. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen his show over the past thirty years and he never lets you down. Always fresh. Always topical with subject matter than we can actually relate to. And always funny! Mate, that was a master class! Give him another farewell round of applause… Paul Martell!!"

He called me at the airport before I boarded saying "Mate, I meant every word and you can quote me" … so I did.

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